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Referral Group Program

Imagine getting high quality referrals for your business? Well you can by joining the Corridor Nine Referral Group and gain a never ending stream of new customers and clients!

Belonging to the Corridor Nine Referral Group is having your own core sales force working for you bringing in new business. Members continually increase the sales of their goods and services through an ongoing exchange of business leads and sharing of entrepreneurial information. By participating in the Corridor Nine Referral Group you will secure a competitive edge in the business community. The Referral Group meets on the first and third Tuesdays of the month at the Chamber office, 30 Lyman Street, Suite 6, Westborough, from 7:15-9:00 a.m. Membership is available to non-competing businesses.

*Program Fee: The cost to join the Referral Program is $200 for the year (The renewal fee is due on the anniverary of the month you joined the Referral Group). Fees are non-refundable.

If you are interesting in accelerating your business growth, join the Referral Group today!


The purpose of the Corridor Nine Breakfast Referral Group is to support and promote the business activities of other members of the group. It is our goal to bring more referral business to our members. In addition, an important benefit is that members will learn about local businesses that can enhance the resources they offer to their clients. By learning more about chamber

  1. Participants must be members of the Corridor Nine Area Chamber of Commerce.
  2. Yearly dues to the Referral group must be paid upon approval of application.
  3. Members will be limited to one or two primary business specialties.
  4. Should a business specialty be similar to someone already in the Group, the group member has refusal right.
  5. If specific business specialty is not open, date of application determines order on wait list.
  6. Membership to the Referral Group is at the discretion of the Executive Committee.
  7. The maximum number of Referral Group members is 45.
  8. Waitlist: In order to qualify you must be an active member of the chamber to be placed on the waiting list. We would accept the next available member as long as there is space.
  9. *Approved visitors are welcome to visit one referral meeting to view the program and consider joining the group.
  10. Attendance is critical. If a member misses three meetings within a six-month period, he/she automatically loses their seat and is placed on the wait-list so that a new member may take their place in the same category.
  11. If you cannot attend a meeting you may send an approved substitute*. This will not count as an absence.

*Pre-approval of visitors and substitutes is required to support the non-compete criteria of the group and to respect the category seats that are already in place.

Membership Requirements: